"You find us" or "We find you."

Not many clients research or study recruiting strategies, but those who do realize that recruiting strategies fit into two categories:

The "you find us" category is the most commonly used, where a firm essentially posts a notice that it is looking for someone to hire and then sorts through those individuals who respond.

The more proactive relationship based category, however, is the "we find you" approach, where a firm instead has diversit identify the names of top performers as individuals and then contact them directly. The first approach almost by design attracts "the masses," while the diversit approach is more targeted to minimize the volume of applications and maximize the quality of the applicants.

The only way to hire top performers is to give up the notion that they are going to find you and instead adopt a recruiting strategy that proactively finds them.

The "you find us" sourcing strategy is used by the majority of firms, making it the most common — but, unfortunately, least effective — of all sourcing strategies. Using this strategy, all attraction efforts are general and are designed to find anyone who fits the broad category of your search. It is a "broad net" strategy, where no proactive effort is made to find people as individuals.

Proactive firms focus on this advanced but vastly superior approach. The "diversit finds you" strategy is targeted toward top performers. These individuals are generally not looking for a job and they may not be interested in (or even aware of) your firms job opportunity. This superior sourcing approach is not designed to attract the masses. Instead, it uses a "narrow net" approach to identify the very best people and recruit them on your behalf.